Oregon Student Newspaper Goes on Strike, Protesting Publisher Position

The editorial staff of The Emerald, the student newspaper at the University of Oregon, is officially on strike.  As announced on the paper’s homepage:

The strike is in response to recent actions of the Emerald’s Board of Directors, which oversees the entire Emerald organization. This is the last edition of the Emerald we will publish until the board meets the four demands the entire newsroom staff presented to the board at its executive session meeting last night.

The demands are all related to the recent decision by the board to hire an interim publisher whose job description included oversight of the paper’s editorial content and involved a possible teaching position at UO.  All that spells HUGE conflict of interest possibilities that has Emeraldites, understandably, upset.

Let’s be clear: The drama is heavy.  The leading candidate for interim publisher has withdrawn from consideration.  The head of the publication’s board of directors has stepped down.  The board has released a statement saying it will not be “bullied and blackmailed.”  And coverage is growing locally and even nationally in less than 24 hours.

Here’s the Emerald staff strike blog, “Independent Journalism.”

CMM Statement of Support: The Emerald is far too important to student readers and college journalism to suffer even the slightest editorial interference, perceived or real.  Emeraldites, fight the good fight.  And make no mistake, you are involved in a revolution, one started decades before by student newspaper staffers who first battled for editorial independence. I have no doubt that your lack of publishing, the empty campus newsstands, the uber-media storm to come, will speak the loudest and help you retain your freedom.

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