The Heights is NOT The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The Heights student newspaper at Boston College wants you to know: It is not descending into that great unpublished yonder that is journalistic oblivion.  In its own words, via an editorial published recently, “The Heights isn’t following the fate of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer just yet.”  Take that Newspaper Death Watch!  (Umm, at least for now…) […]

College Media Online Journalism Contest 2.0: “Rock on!”

The CICM College Media Online Journalism Contest, which bills itself as “the most comprehensive student media online journalism contest evah,” is back.  The contest is international in scope.  Its aim: to feature the best in online and multimedia reporting, presentation, and innovation in collegemediatopia. — Contest version 2.0 is now accepting standout student journalism work […]

Hate Speech, Rubber Bands, and the Student Newspaper

Truly disturbing.  A Detroit-based neo-Nazi group spread its anti-everything message recently by rubber-banding fliers around The Daily Chronicle student newspaper at the University of Utah (an image of one of the banded papers is below).  As a Salt Lake City ABC news affiliate reported: “Some [readers] got a flier condemning ‘interracial marriage’ and others got […]

Student Newspaper Adviser’s Tenure Denied: Response to Unfavorable Coverage?

If the related reports have any merit, the Board of Trustees at Clark College in Washington state should be ashamed with itself.  According to The Chronicle of Higher Education (and others), the board has engaged in the one of the worst kinds of indirect student press censorship: denying tenure to a professor who leads the […]

Exclusive: CEO Discusses UWIRE Purchase

In what amounts to a hugely positive shake-up in student press circles, has purchased UWIRE, the richest content provider in collegemediatopia, the Center for Innovation in College Media announced earlier today. — Billing itself as “an online home for everything college students care about,” “has been operating outside the traditional college media sphere” […]

This Just In: Emerald, Publishing Board Reach Agreement

After a much-publicized strike and the resignation of its publishing board head, The Emerald student newspaper and its supervisory board have reached a mediated agreement on the paper’s immediate future.  The basics of the statement, as outlined by the Emerald (sent to CMM and other blogs/media outlets by editor Ashley Chase): — 1) A publisher will be hired after […]

Non-Prude Parent “Disgusted” by Student Sex Column

A father of a prospective student at the University of West Florida who considers himself “no shrinking violet and certainly not a prude” wrote a letter of moral outrage late last week about a sex column in The Voyager student newspaper penned by “Pixie Gonzalez.” — It is one the funnier anti-sex-in-the-student-press missives I have […]

Student Papers in State of Absolute Topsy-Turvydom

If you still needed any confirmation that collegemediatopia is imploding/reinventing without any real sense of what the heck is going on, read this piece on The Daily Californian written in-house by UC-Berkeley News. — Basically an interview with the current top editor (wrapped around the usual chest-beating over j-awards earned), the chatter seems to come […]

Student Media Fee Cuts Would Leave KU Outlets Limping

The student media have long been viewed as the beating hearts of higher education, pulsing at the center of nearly every first-rate university worldwide.  At the University of Kansas, trouble is brewing at this heart, in the form of a possible reduction or elimination of student media fees- fees that support the operating budgets and […]

Student Paper Files Police Report About Theft … By Police

Drug trafficking and newspaper theft sadly aligned at MIT earlier this week when 400 copies of The Tech student newspaper (one of the oldest in the country) were found dumped in two separate recycling bins on campus.  The kicker, as The Tech later reported: The issues were ‘recycled’ by campus police who were either protesting […]

Singapore Friend to Me: “What is this March Madness?”

To me, the third month of the year has always been two words long.  There is simply no March without Madness.  Growing up, college basketball’s holy grail was family bonding, an introduction to sports gambling, a testosterone release, and a pleasurable diversion from homework, chores, and vice-versa.  (It is apparently cathartic for the nation as […]

5 Days Left to Nominate All-Star J-Students for UWIRE 100

Please note: The final extended deadline for the esteemed UWIRE 100 student journalist honor is March 25th.  The UWIRE 100 is an annual talent pool of the top j-students worldwide. — According to UWIRE, those who fit the bill include j-students whose names serve as the answers to the following questions: “Know a reporter who […]

Professor: Why Teach Journalism If Newspapers Are Dying?

An anonymous journalism professor wrote in to an advice guru of some kind at Salon two days back warbling about her guilt at teaching college journalism students when print newspapers, the foundation of the field’s industry work, are imploding. — According to the j-prof: — The problem is this: I feel like I’m teaching them […]

Obama Cartoon Leads to Student Press Oversight Battle

The Chronicle student newspaper at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona published a syndicated editorial cartoon last month displaying an image of Obama that some outside readers felt was “too monkey-like.”  The result: A controversy over control of the publication that continues to brew more than a month after the cartoon ran. — The cartoon first […]

Student Journalists’ Rewards: Salaried, Credited or Clipped?

What should students *earn* for being journalists while still in school?  Money?  Course credit?  Extra-curricular activity points?  Or just clips, good-ol’ experience, and a résumé boost? — It is a loaded question and one of the few that really cuts to the heart of collegemediatopia’s purpose, brought up most recently by a University of Oregon […]