College Radio: Even Prison Inmates Are Tuning In!

Campus radio stations in the online age are keeping their anti-Top 40 attitudes even as they smartly adapt, according to a recent report in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

In greater Sioux Falls, the student stations are “are reaching beyond the confines of the college campus” via enhanced signal coverage, Webcasting, programs directed at minority groups (including Ethiopian and Spanish language broadcasts), and even the addition of shows hosted by outside community residents.  Wonderful stuff.  The result: Greater interaction with off-campus listeners, including local prison inmates (who apparently appreciate the hard metal music most).

Simultaneously, the stations still strive to deliver the underground, local, indie, and alternative music goods they have long made it their goal to get on the air.  And, in the most obvious sentiment of the stations’ long-term identities remaining intact: As the article notes, most students on the stations’ home campuses still do not know they exist.  :-)

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