Student Newspapers’ Newest Trend: TGI F-ed

Does Friday matter in collegemediatopia?


In separate announcements both made Monday, The Washington Square News at NYU and The Daily Free Press at Boston University announced that they most likely or definitely will be cutting their Friday print editions.


DFP Editor’s Note: “The economic downturn has affected everything from Wall Street to Main Street, so it was only a matter of time before it hit Beacon Street, and The Daily Free Press too began to feel the pinch.”  WSN Editor in Chief: “It’s very sad.  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t emotionally trying. . . . Editors across the country are dealing with the same things that I am.”


The announcements come after similar Friday goodbyes were sounded at The Daily Utah Chronicle, The Minnesota Daily; The Daily Orange at Syracuse University; and The Spartan Daily at San Jose State.


In a recent post, I shared why I believe saying goodbye to the Friday edition might actually be the best thing to happen to student daily papers in years.  In part, it is because in today’s uber-cluttered journalism landscape, the old media model of creating content to fit a designated time and space is out of sync with what modern news readers want.  We want to read news that MATTERS to us.  That means less can be more when it comes to creating a new media brand for your student news outlet.  The who-cares content that has far too long frequented newspaper pages simply because there is space to fill or another day’s issue to put out is a thing of the past.  The Friday-less student press now has more of an opportunity to fill their remaining print issues each week with only the stories that matter most to its readers, leaving the crappier content out of print, as it belongs.


What do you think?

5 Responses to “Student Newspapers’ Newest Trend: TGI F-ed”
  1. Mike says:

    Just a quick correction. The Spartan Daily is at San Jose State, Michigan State’s paper is The State News.

  2. Dan Reimold says:

    Mike- Duh on my part. Thanks! Made the change…

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