“Student Media Voter Fraud?”

May the best campus blog win!  Or . . . not.  “Paper Trail” guru Allison Go is alleging that the fix is in with voting in the U.S. News & World ReportBest Alternative Media Outlet” contest.




She calls out a pair of blogs, one at Middlebury College and one covering a single dorm at Yale University, for having suspiciously high voting totals.  For example, Middblog at Middlebury has “almost twice as many votes as it has students.”  A post on Middblog encourages readers: “[K]eep voting, but keep the hacking out of this, please!”


The problem, of course, is the open, honor-system set-up of the contest, making results about as reliable as an online CNN reader poll.  As one commenter to Go’s post noted: “I can’t believe anyone decided to read each blog and pick which one they liked best rather than just blindly vote for the one at their school.”  To me, it’s not about the winner.  It’s just nice to see a few good student blogs earn some recognition!  Btw, my vote: The Daily Clog, a standout blog I’ve written about previously.

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