365 Applicants?!?!

The Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, received as many applicants for the open post of dean as there are days in a year, according to Editor & Publisher.  365 individuals applied for the position.  365?!?!  I do not know what is more fascinating, that there are more than 300 individuals out there who feel they are qualified to run one of the most prestigious j-grad schools in the country or that so many of them are ready/willing/uber-eager to leave their present employment.  OK, so it’s Berkeley, but still…


My favorite quote in the E&P piece comes from the chair of the position’s search committee, reacting to the amount of applicants: “It is not surprising given the nature of the [journalism] field.”  Translation: The field is a quagmire of sh*t that even the most celebrated journalists would gladly abandon in a heartbeat for relocation to Cali and a six-figure income.


Good luck winnowing the applicants down!  Maybe hold “American Idol”-style auditions?  I would require each finalist to provide a series of Tweets about why they are the most apt candidate and then have them make a faux-Bachhuber vlog about why they are the future of journalism.  I would close with a comprehension quiz rejecting those who fail to properly spell WordPress, Dipity, Ning, Wordle, and Qik.


What do you think?  What are questions or new media apps that all future journalism leaders must answer or learn to master???

One Response to “365 Applicants?!?!”
  1. azoptimist says:

    I truly believe every college and workplace should be offering classes and workshops on guerrilla marketing. The best work and the greatest talents go unnoticed without one’s ability to get the word out!

    Expertise + Marketing = Success (IMHO)