UWIRE Round-Up of Student Newspaper Troubles

UWIRE provides a nice roundup of recent campus newspaper staff/print edition downsizing, providing briefs and links to full stories about cutbacks at a dozen student papers across the U.S.   As the intro reports: “All over the country, university newspapers are scaling back to accommodate flagging funds, from slashing staff to going online.” —- Great list […]

College Radio: Even Prison Inmates Are Tuning In!

Campus radio stations in the online age are keeping their anti-Top 40 attitudes even as they smartly adapt, according to a recent report in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. — In greater Sioux Falls, the student stations are “are reaching beyond the confines of the college campus” via enhanced signal coverage, Webcasting, programs directed at […]

25 Random Things About Modern College Media: Part 3

My contribution to the now way-too-popular “Random” list phenomenon continues below with Part 3 of “25 Random Things About Modern College Media.”  (Also see Part 1 and Part 2.)  As promised, today’s segment is all about the tough love, presenting some of the harsher truths about 21st-century collegemediatopia.  First up… — 11) Student media online […]

Budget Cut May Sideline Print Edition of MTSU Paper

What does it say about the online journalism revolution that a majority of its younger members are not yet in any hurry to join it and often even fight against it? — An example: Middle Tennessee State University is proposing a $100,000 budget cut for The Sidelines student newspaper that would effectively kill the paper’s […]

Twitter Takes the States, Plurk Rules in Southeast Asia

An excellent recent post by CICM intern Lauren Rabaino reveals in pie chart form what those of us following student media’s attempts at Twitter have long known: Is quality tweeting taking place?  Not so much. — Two-thirds of the 50 college media Twitter accounts Rabaino looked at are either solely serving as tiny-url advertisers for […]

Journalism Students Report from Red Carpet at Oscars

As you watch the celebrified madness unfold during Oscar-mania be sure to seek out Faheem Ahmed and Anish Patel, a pair of Rice University seniors who won a contest enabling them to interview celebs and report from their very own spot on the red carpet. — For his part, Feheem is especially angling for quick […]

Chicago St. Censorship: School Says No to Current Tempo

This just in: The censorship saga at Chicago State University continues, in part thanks to student staffers who won’t back down and school administrators who need to grow up. —- There has been a battle brewing for some time now amid allegations of editorial and financial censorship against The Tempo student newspaper.  The latest, according […]

Journalism is Dying . . . Except in School!

Two items of interest came my way yesterday via RSS.  First, in England, applications from students aspiring to obtain journalism degrees from the country’s universities are up 24 percent (?!?!) from last year. —- As the Press Gazette report notes, this astounding rise comes amid an industry tumble in which more than 1,000 j-jobs have […]

International Journalism Students: Is U.S. Uni the Answer?

Journalism recruiter extraordinaire Joe Grimm recently tackled a question on his Poynter advice column from an international j-student curious about the proper path to take to break into American journalism.  Grimm’s prognosis: Employers are more interested in an aspiring journo’s professional experience than the reputation of the j-school from which they earn their degree. — […]

“Campus Publications Face Cash Crunch” at Princeton

Who or what is truly to blame for the economic toil and trouble in collegemediatopia? —- A Daily Princetonian report notes that a number of student-run publications at the university are in various states of financial duress, the editor of one noting that the staff was “scrambling to accrue ad revenue.”  The four main reasons […]

Bomb Threat Does Not Stop Daily Tar Heel from Publishing!

Do not mess with The Daily Tar Heel!  Student staffers at the venerable University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus newspaper were dealing with the usual stresses of a looming print deadline this past Sunday night.  And then the bomb dropped.  Or at least the threat of one, which forced the evacuation of a […]

25 Random Things About Modern College Media: Part 2

Last week, I kicked off my list of “25 Random Things About Modern College Media,” putting a professional twist on the Facebook-centric personal list phenomenon that continues to give us insights into parts of people’s lives I had no idea I ever wanted to know about.  My dip into collegemediatopia randomness continues below, with Part […]

Northern Star Defines NIU One Year After Campus Shooting

Wonderful work by The Northern Star at Northern Illinois University.  The paper provides a plethora of coverage online and in print focused on the school one year after the campus shooting that killed six and injured 18.  The Web site currently features a special homepage, under the heading “NIU Defined,” devoted to anniversary coverage (not […]

Student Newspaper Spoof Advertisement Honors Killers, Causes Controversy

A spoof advertisement in The Sanctuary, a student newspaper heavy on the satire at the University of Birmingham in the UK, has caused a public stir and spurred a lawsuit, according to numerous reports.  The full-page ad “honors” murderers by offering “designer china emblazoned with images” of the country’s most notorious killers. —– According to […]

Collegiate Readership Program: Competition or Complement to Student Media?

The controversial Collegiate Readership Program recently debuted at the University of Arizona, causing concerns among the leadership of The Daily Wildcat, the school’s student newspaper.  The barebones gist: The UA students union is paying for a few thousand copies of USA Today and The Arizona Star to be available free to students across campus.  The […]