Students Read Print, Non-Students Go Online: Go Figure!

In an interesting new post for MediaShift, Bryan Murley summarizes the bitter truthiness of the economic downturn for college newspapers.  At least for the biggies, the dailies, the pubs that actually have an advertising team and non-student staff with fancy titles like general manager, times are tougher than ever. ——– The portion of the post […]

“Moving the Classroom Into the Newsroom”

In its latest issue, American Journalism Review documents the first few years of an interesting arrangement between the University of Alabama and the Anniston Star, a newspaper covering a community about two hours from UA’s main campus.  ——– The basics: A small group of students enrolled in UA’s journalism master’s program spend a year in the Star […]

Same Old Stories, Semester after Semester

As part of my research into the Singaporean student press, I have been conducting long-form interviews with every current and former Singaporean college journalist who matters.  The sitdowns so far have taught me some interesting truths about journalism in Singapore certainly, but even more than that they have revealed that certain tenets of college journalism […]

“College Rag Wrap-Up”

I am back from a trip to Bali (where The Bali Times reports that Obama’s childhood friends in Indonesia always knew their young expat chum “Barry” had a “go global attitude“). —- My return to Singapore comes only one day after the launch of an interesting new feature from The Washington City Paper involving collegemediatopia: […]

Duke Chronicle Editors Push for Less Coursework for Top Eds.

Running a student newspaper, big or small, daily or weekly, is a full-time job.  It is a practical, hands-on educational experience that teaches a student just as much as (and usually more than) even the best of classes.  In an editorial published today, top editors at The Chronicle, the student daily at Duke University, are […]

College Sports, Student Journalism, and School Spirit

The campus press and the campus athletics program have long co-existed at the epicenter of student life at schools worldwide.  Think about it: What other two entities on a typical campus bring students together as passionately and as regularly, entertains them or informs them quite as well, and creates a collective college experience that goes […]

Real Story of Inauguration: Live Streaming Video

An open letter to Mindy McAdams, purveyor of online journalism teaching tips and tools and creator of that wonderful timeline noting significant moments in online news reporting:  —— Inauguration Day 2008 was considered historic even before it happened (literally, with imploring Web surfers before the big day to be sure to “Watch History Unfold”).  In the end, however, from […]

College Journalism ICONN Makes Conference Debut

Online student journalism at the college level now has the beginnings of a nationwide advocate and Internet connection: ICONN, the Intercollegiate Online News Network.  It’s still definitely in beta form (its Web site is a Facebook group page), but this association “of individuals, academic programs and professional organizations dedicated [to] connecting student web journalists and […]

Barack Obama, College Journalist

More than 25 years before acceding to the most powerful position in all the land, Barack Obama was a student journalist with an anti-war bent.  In “Breaking The War Mentality,” a March 1983 piece for The Sundial, a weekly magazine at Columbia University, Obama embeds his own obvious anti-war outlook into a profile of a […]

Journalism Students Take Civil Rights Route to Obama Inauguration

Ten j-students at San Jose State University are currently “on a roundabout journey from Memphis to Washington, D.C.,” stopping at a number of iconic sites in America’s civil rights journey. ——– As The San Jose Mercury News reports, the trip came together in the immediate aftermath of the November presidential election.  SJSU journalism professor Michael […]

First University-Based Investigative Journalism Center

I consider this the first momentous day in collegemediatopia in 2009: Boston University just announced the launch of the New England Center for Investigative Reporting (NECIR).  The press release bills it as the “[n]ation’s first university-based, non-profit center to probe local/regional issues.”  It partners a who’s who of Boston-area media organizations with BU journalism faculty […]

University President’s Son Arrested on Pot Charge: How to Cover It?

The son of Indiana University President Michael McRobbie was arrested over the weekend for allegedly smoking up– marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges are pending. ——- The Indiana Daily Student rightfully ran a short piece yesterday on the arrest and the incidents leading to it.  The article is brief and well-written, noting the connection to the […]

J-Students + Charter Bus = Obama Inauguration Trip

One hundred journalism students from Southern Illinois University Carbondale will soon be hopping a charter to spend a “crazy three days” covering all-things-Obama in Inauguration-happy D.C., according to an AP report. ——– They’ll be filing content for The Daily Egyptian, the SIUC student newspaper, and The Southern Illinoisan and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  One hundred […]

Web Presence Not Just About Showing Up

On January 12th, the editor in chief of The Flyer News at the University of Dayton posted a response to a letter criticizing the paper’s editorial cartoonist for misrepresenting various individuals and aspects of the school. ——— The EIC’s argument is well-written and well-reasoned and I applaud him for not shying away from a dialogue with […]

Dude, You Stole My Blog Post

In early January, I posted a blog item about a change at a little-known student news outlet, as reported by a little-known professional news outlet.  I’d come across the original news item a month before my posting, saving it for the winter break dead zone when not much is happening in collegemediatopia. ——— Almost immediately […]