Name of New Student Newspaper: Student Newspaper :)

The name and slant of a new student newspaper recently launched at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are conservative. Student Newspaper, according to its founders, is “the product of a core of five UNL students who have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of conservative voice on the UNL campus.”


Student Newspaper


In an early December article acknowledging its new competition, The Daily Nebraskan wrote: “From a scathing indictment of ‘The Female O’- a sex education forum held at UNL last month- to a column arguing America is better than all other nations past and present, Student Newspaper certainly has a particular audience in mind.”


The DN then questions the accuracy behind certain SN reports, quoting the student president of the university chapter of College Republicans as saying, “If they want to present themselves as a news source, they need to have facts and reporting to back up their opinions.” In response, a SN founder blogged that the DN piece fell short in several areas, including by misspelling the name of the College Republicans university chapter president. Oooooh. Let the games begin! :)


About the newspaper’s name: It reminds me of a comment I once heard from the co-creator of NBC’s “Friends” about why the show’s episodes always carried simple titles starting “The One With…”. Roughly remembered, she said it was because she wanted the show’s writers to refrain from wasting time on catchy headers and instead pour their creative energies into the episodes’ content. Hopefully, over time, Student Newspaper will be able to accomplish the latter. Good luck.

4 Responses to “Name of New Student Newspaper: Student Newspaper :)”
  1. Bryan Murley says:

    It will be interesting to see when they post some actual news coverage instead of just opinion. Perhaps they’d be better off without the “newspaper” in the name. Maybe “opinionpaper”? “Advocate”? It falls into the same category as “fair and balanced” in terms of changing the meaning of a word or phrase.

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