Gonzaga Student Newspaper Rejects Pro-Life Advertisement

The Gonzaga Bulletin has stirred publicity and a bit of controversy for its recent rejection of a pro-life advertisement. The 12-page ad insert, titled “We Know Better Now,” “vigorously argues for the pro-life position. . . . arguing that it is now better known that abortion kills a human being, that it hurts women, and that abortion has a ‘racist legacy.'”


We Know Better Now


According to LifeNews.com, “Human Life Alliance [the organization behind the ad] expects secular colleges to give it trouble but is disgruntled that Gonzaga won’t allow the . . . supplement to appear.” Gonzaga University is a Catholic Jesuit school officially supporting pro-life policies, but Bulletin staffers and school administrators found the ad’s overarching message too disapproving of pro-abortion groups.  According to Catholic News Agency, the university president “explained that the advertisement was rejected ‘not from any disagreement with the pro-life cause, but out of a preference to emphasize a positive pro-life message rather than a negative one.'”


A spokesman for the Human Life Alliance: “The business of abortion is ugly and we think college and university students have a right to read the facts from someone other then abortion providers.”

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