CoPress Founder is the Future of Journalism

The Zapruder film.  The Paris Hilton sex tape.  The Charlie Bit Me YouTube phenomenon.  In contemporary world history, a few video recordings have risen above the rest, etching a permanent place in the public consciousness.  In my humble, college media-centric, only-slightly-sarcastic opinion, the Daniel Bachhuber Future of Journalism Livestream has now joined them.


Daniel Bachhuber is the Future of Journalism.


The Qik vid is Bachhuber’s response to Publish2’s much-publicized “I Am The Future of Journalism” Contest asking entrants to describe the ins-and-outs of the awesomeness they feel they are bringing to journalism’s reinvention.  Bachhuber’s video answer, delivered ad hoc in Blair Witchified-handheld fashion, is a sample (since he is a Publish2 intern he cannot officially enter the contest).  But in my view, regardless of the final outcome, the contest is officially over.  Bachhuber is the winner.


The University of Oregon j-student extraordinaire and CoPress founder has made a vid that makes him the face of journalism’s future.  It’s earnest.  It’s raw.  It’s innovative.  It’s rambling.  It’s youthfully energetic, complete with a closing admonition that would make Obama proud: “Onward and forward, let’s make a better world.”

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