New College Major: Equine Journalism!

A scoop from, “the website for horse lovers”: Wilson College in Pennsylvania has created a new academic major in … wait for it … equine journalism. 


The report noted:


The bachelor’s in equine journalism combines instruction in equestrian studies, one of Wilson’s most popular majors, with instruction in conventions of journalism, including feature writing and media ethics. . . . Graduates with a degree in equine journalism will have a number of career options . . . including writing for newspapers and magazines that report on equestrian events and working in public relations and corporate communications for companies in the horse industry.


What can I say?  Some days, the aggregator Gods are kind.  Seriously though, it might not be a bad tact.  With journalism in general imploding and reinventing faster than the Thai government, maybe evermore specialized academic concentrations within the j-field at large (even at the undergrad level) is the way to go to ensure students can display specific, marketable skills upon graduation.

4 Responses to “New College Major: Equine Journalism!”
  1. Katie says:

    My take: too specialized. Where is the canine journalism field? Feline journalism? They could report in Cat Magazine and dog shows.

    Come on! I think the problem here is that majors are becoming too specialized and not open enough. These students will have such a narrow field in which to market themselves.

    I see the same issue in the field of education. Some specialization is good, yes. But (in the university I am currently at) those who want to teach math just major in math education. Those who want to teach science have FOUR majors to choose from (life science, earth science, integrated science, physical science), all of which can narrow their potential job opportunities (for example, a life science teacher would not be licensed to certain high school courses). Too much specialization can limit opportunities.

    Isn’t the point of a college education to broaden our knowledge base, not narrow it?

  2. Whitney says:

    I’m about to graduate with a BA in creative writing/journalism and plan to go into the equine journalism field. I already have a summer internship lined up at a horse racing magazine, and eventually plan to earn my MA in journalism-magazine track.

    I agree with Katie on the issue of unnecessary specialization of the equine journalism field. If I had had the opportunity to have specialized within the journalism field at my college, I would have turned the offer down. What if halfway through undergrad, I change my mind and want to peruse political or scientific journalism? I’m pretty much locked in. Sorry, I don’t care what the creators of this brilliant idea argue, but these types of graduates ARE severely limited in marketability.

    A person interested in equine journalism as a career develops their skills not from specific equine journalism courses, but from actual hands-on experience (i.e. internships). I happen to love/own a horse and love to write. Those two interests along with tough skin, must combine to to make a successful career in the equine journalism field.

    Several equine publications exist such as the Thoroughbred Times and Blood-Horse, but jobs at these places are far and limited. However, I don’t think an applicant who attended Wilson College and specialized in equine journalism will have much ump over others.

  3. kaprice says:

    Lol …. well first of all the horse industry is HUGE!!!!! I think that the new equine journalism program is awesome an am actually thinking about doing it. I am working on my degree in equine reproduction and management but really think I want to get into the business side and journalism is really catching my eye.

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