Story Ideas for 2008-12-04

A brief list of what I’ve found to be timely, pertinent, and just damn interesting recent reports from other student and professional media that I hope you might be able to localize, adapt, or otherwise draw inspiration from for stories of your own.


Harvard Endowment Fell 22 Percent in Four Months: How is your university faring in the endowment and general donor pool amid the economic turmoil?


Future uncertain for students connected to auto industry: A UWire peek at students involved with a major that might be on a road to nowhere. What is the impact of the auto industry’s woes on the mechanical engineering students and program at your school?


‘Juicy Campus’ Resists Squeeze by Tenn. State: The fight over the proudly rumor-mongering Web site has intensified as of late. What’s the latest gossip about Juicy Campus at your university?


Webcasting Plays Key Role in Chancellor Interviews at University of Tennessee: New media is upending the traditional application process within academia. How is your school joining the Hiring 2.0 bandwagon?


College May Become Unaffordable for Most in U.S.: A New York Times piece posted earlier today that cites a new report finding that “[t]he rising cost of college – even before the recession – threatens to put higher education out of reach for most Americans.” What’s the response of students and admins.?

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