All-In-One Website Combines Every Student Media Outlet

The student newspaper, magazine, yearbook, and broadcast news outlet at Indiana’s Franklin College have merged and converged into a single “comprehensive media experience.”


The Franklin Online


Yes, I think that description is a bit hokey too, but the idea behind the new all-in-one Web site, The Franklin Online, does raise an interesting question: Is there value in having student journalists at separate media outlets lay down their competitive arms for the sake of convergence?  The director of the college’s school of journalism told The Indianapolis Star:


Many of the walls separating traditional media have been torn down.  Journalists no longer have the luxury of specializing in one medium.  They must be able to tell stories across media platforms, using words, pictures, sounds and design seamlessly to communicate information in an accurate and compelling fashion.


At first glance, the site does appear to boast a ton of content and a nice helping of multimedia options, offered under an appreciably less-is-more design sensibility.  There is no about page though explaining the convergence and no distinction between what is being offered by the newspaper staffers as opposed to the mag, yearbook, and broadcast students.  And of course maybe that’s the point.  I do worry slightly though that such a gung-ho togetherness might lessen the competitive zeal of the Franklin student journalists in respect to duking it out with their counterparts to get the big stories or grab the scoops.  Maybe I’m being nitpicky, but to me convergence doesn’t have to mean the end of individual media outlets’ identities and journalistic competition as we know it.


What do you think?

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  1. Bryan Murley says: did this. Might be interesting to talk to chris carroll about their experiences.