CoPress Launches Hosting Service for Student Press Outlets

Your New Year’s Resolution: Shepherd your student newspaper into the wonderful world of Web 2.0 with a site that screams innovation, newsiness, and new new new new journalism. ————— Who can help: The uber-tech-savvy team behind the revolutionary CoPress collaborative. As announced today on its Web site, CoPress is ready to host your student newspaper […]

Judgment in St. Louis U. Lawsuit Against Student Paper Adviser

A judge has scored round two of the slugfest between St. Louis University and SLU communications professor and student newspaper adviser Avis Meyer squarely for Meyer, according to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. ———– The fight started with an administrative decision last spring to rewrite the charter of The University News student newspaper. The administrators said […]

College Media Story Ideas: Branding and College Watergates

Forget Soundsliding, podcasting, vlogging, geotagging, and a-Twitterin’. New media tools are important, but without kick-ass content Journalism 2.0 is still deader than Cuba Gooding Jr.’s acting career (seriously, what happened to him?). Everything journalism was, is and will be rests on our ability to tell a story. And every story starts with idea. ————- Below […]

links for 2008-12-25

“Campus gossip Web site tests freedom of speech”: One student’s take on the continuing Juicy Campus saga (Poughkeepsie Journal) ———– “Students see the possibilities”: A journalism professor writes about what keeps students joining J&MC programs (Miami Herald) ———– “College students learn records may be open, courtesy not a given”: A rundown of j-students’ experiences gathering […]

Missourian to Continue In Print, Drop Two Editions

The Saturday and Monday editions of The Columbia Missourian are being dropped to help reduce the newspaper’s heavy operating budget deficit, but the newspaper will continue in print. (A brief write-up and related podcast can be found here.) ———— The start of an open letter to readers from the paper’s exec ed: ———— The Columbia […]

Georgetown Journalism Students Sue FBI, CIA, DOD for Pearl Records

A group of current and recent journalism students at Georgetown University are suing the FBI, CIA, and six other government agencies for records related to the 2002 kidnapping and death of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.  According to The Washington Post, the students have been attempting to solve the Pakistan-set murder mystery for more […]

Updated: Student Press May Face Prior Approval at NEIU

College Media Matters joins College Freedom, FIRE, and Chicago Reader in questioning and decrying the proposed free speech and free press restrictions currently under consideration at Northeastern Illinois University.  The most disheartening part of the regulations for press lovers: a planned prior approval scheme encompassing all print newspapers and pamphlets appearing on campus. ———— As […]

Name of New Student Newspaper: Student Newspaper :)

The name and slant of a new student newspaper recently launched at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are conservative. Student Newspaper, according to its founders, is “the product of a core of five UNL students who have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of conservative voice on the UNL campus.” ———– ———– In an early December […]

Collegiate Times Posts Documents Related to Campus Shooting

In a move  reminiscent of professional newspapers’ handling of the Pentagon Papers, Watergate, and The Starr Report, The Collegiate Times at Virginia Tech has posted online roughly 750 pages of what it is calling the “April 16 Documents” and what The Roanoke Times has labeled “shooting papers.”  Read Bryan Murley’s related post, including his mention […]

“Journalists Hope to Save Student Newspaper”

New Expression, a student publication in Chicago that exposed more than 4,000 teens to working journalism in its 32-year history, ended in October. The executive director of Youth Communication Chicago, the organization behind the pub: “It’s the economy, and the squeeze on nonprofits, and the crisis in the newspaper industry- it’s a perfect storm.” ———– […]

Gonzaga Student Newspaper Rejects Pro-Life Advertisement

The Gonzaga Bulletin has stirred publicity and a bit of controversy for its recent rejection of a pro-life advertisement. The 12-page ad insert, titled “We Know Better Now,” “vigorously argues for the pro-life position. . . . arguing that it is now better known that abortion kills a human being, that it hurts women, and […]

Washington Post Editor Starting in Fall at Arizona State

Talk about intimidating office hours! The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University is adding another celebrity faculty member: Len Downie Jr., the famed, recently-retired top editor of The Washington Post who succeeded Ben Bradlee. —————- At Cronkite, Downie will be joining former CNN anchor Aaron Brown, former San Jose […]

CoPress Founder is the Future of Journalism

The Zapruder film.  The Paris Hilton sex tape.  The Charlie Bit Me YouTube phenomenon.  In contemporary world history, a few video recordings have risen above the rest, etching a permanent place in the public consciousness.  In my humble, college media-centric, only-slightly-sarcastic opinion, the Daniel Bachhuber Future of Journalism Livestream has now joined them. ————– ————– […]

What Can Student Journalists Learn from Time’s Rise in Popularity?

A recent survey on college students’ favorite brands revealed a surprising entry atop the magazine pile: Not People or Cosmo or Glamour or SI.  Instead, Time, a purveyor of (mostly) serious news with only a dash of sports, fashion, and celebrity thrown in. What can student journalists learn from their peers’ apparently unmatched love of […]