Student Newspaper, School Administration Settle Lawsuit

The free press battle at The Inkwell appears to be over.  The Inkwell student newspaper has settled a lawsuit it brought against its administrative overseers at Georgia’s Armstrong Atlantic State University over what the paper contended was an unfair funding cut tied to its suddenly critical university coverage.


 The Inkwell


According to The Athens Banner-Herald, AASU will provide the paper with an additional $15,000 and pay student editors’ $7,500 legal fees, an implicit acknowledgment that the paper’s suit and stance had legs (or at least that there was no positve outcome for the school in seeing the fight through). 


The settlement is one of those best-of-a-bad-situation shindigs.  Obviously, it’s good news for free press advocates, the Inkwell‘s coffers and hopefully in turn for its editorial coverage.  It’s just a shame the whole thing had to involve lawyers and billable hours and public statements of animosity.

One Response to “Student Newspaper, School Administration Settle Lawsuit”
  1. Katie says:

    I can’t help but compare this post with the one just 2 days ago… “College papers not immune to economic doom and gloom.”

    Obviously it was decided that it WAS an unfair budget cut. But it’s not unreasonable to think that as budget cuts are happening at universities all over the country, perhaps this action by AASU was one of many budget cuts.