76-Year-Old Nigerian Man Signs Up For Journalism Studies

We’re never too old to be students of journalism.  Case in point: Clement Alubiagba, a 76-year-old Nigerian grandfather with a lack of formal education but a love of reading, has joined the Times Journalism Institute in the city of Lagos to pursue his long-held dream of being a journalist.


According to the Nigerian newspaper The Vanguard:


[B]ecause he barely completed his standard six as it’s usually called, which is today known as primary six, he couldn’t practice journalism.  But his quest for knowledge, drove him towards reading every book he comes across, knowing that to be a good journalist, he needs to be versatile and conversant with happenings in the environment.  As a result, he was able to make headway and improved drastically in his vocabulary. . . . Mr Clement wishes to practice as a journalist after his education if only he would be given the opportunity to do so irrespective of his age.


If this doesn’t make you smile, at least slightly, you’ve been overdosing on your cynical pills. :)

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