Students’ Questions About the Future of Journalism

I recently asked my news editing students here in Singapore: What is one question we should all be asking much more often about the current state or future of journalism?  In the age of j-reinvention, coming up with the right questions to ask seems as important as finding the right answers.  What question would you like to ask?


Below is a smattering of their responses:


How does a journalist keep reinventing him/herself?


What skills do future journalists need in order to survive in the changing media landscape?


What does journalism- currently a sunset industry- mean to us in the modern world?


How realistic is it to keep championing objectivity as a basic journalism tenet?


What are we giving readers that they can’t find anywhere else?


How can we retain our readers in this changing media climate?


Is journalism a dying industry? (Because if it is, why are we here?)


What happens when the new generation gets bored with the hard news that really matters?


When will the media truly be considered free?


Do you pick up the papers to read every day?


Will print media really be dead, especially once the new generation takes over the world?


Is journalism really informing the masses for the better?


Is there integrity in journalism today?


Why are you doing what you’re doing? 

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