Journerdism’s Sullivan to Students: ‘Your Generation, Its Ability to Innovate Will Save Craft’

“Wow.  Just wow.  I’m so encouraged to see all the excellent work being done at college papers across the country.  I’m even more encouraged that it’s not just at the traditional ‘big name’ journalism schools.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Interactive Director and Journerdism blogger extraordinaire Will Sullivan wrote with impressed gusto about the recent slate of Associated Collegiate Press Online Pacemaker award-winners.

Screenshots from two of the 15 Pacemaker recipients (encompassing Web sites for college newspapers, magazines, broadcast outlets, and online-only news outlets) are included just for fun below:

The Daily Illini, University of Illinois

The Daily Illini, University of Illinois

Connect Mason, George Mason University

Connect Mason, George Mason University

As the judge for this portion of ACP’s larger Pacemaker competition, Sullivan wrote that he observed a few new media elements still needing improvement or more regular implementation at student-run news sites, including: social media usage, visual data, mapping, breaking news online, and blogs.

I completely agree with the latter especially.  On my periodic tours of college news sites, the lack of quality, in-your-face blogging always surprises me.  Excellent op-eds and columns continue to run in student newspapers’ print editions.  It’s interesting that they have not been adapted and blog-ified online en masse as of yet.

Better blogging, I’m sure, will come.  In his closing inspirational call-to-arms, Sullivan expressed similar certainty that college journalists’ online betterment overall will be the bread-and-butter of Journalism 2.0’s survival:

College is one of the few times in your career that you can try something totally wacky, fail and it won’t really set you back or ruin your career. Try alternative story forms. Learn new technologies. Break the mold of traditional journalism. Your generation and its ability to innovate will save the craft.

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