Quad News vs. Quinnipiac Prez: Is Free Press Fight Over?

The latest dispatch from the front lines of the Quinnipiac University free press fight, courtesy of The Hartford Courant: QU’s president is now allowing school staffers to speak with reporters from The Quad News, the indy online outlet started this fall by QU j-students after their campus newspaper was stifled by administrators.  Previously, all university employees were barred from talking to the publication because it was felt The Quad News was out to “undermine the existence” of The Chronicle student newspaper.  Also, Quad News staffers can now use university computers and other equipment to run the site.  


The Quad News


It’s the first smart moves by the QU administration after an embarassing array of free press slights.  Over the past two years, Quinnipiac bigwigs, led by a president with a seeming abhorrence of student journalism, have instituted a number of policies aimed at controlling or suppressing content of The ChronicleAmong the most jaw-dropping: forcing the newspaper to contact all university staffers through the school’s public affairs office; asserting control over the selection of incoming editors; discouraging Chronicle staffers from attending public events at which university administrators spoke so that the events wouldn’t become “a press conference to the world”; threatening the newspaper’s editor in chief after he criticized various administrative limitations; and restricting editors from posting breaking news online prior to the paper’s print edition.

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