Racist Obama Leaflets Slipped Into Lehigh’s Brown & White

“Your president is black. How does that make you feel?”


A leaflet with those words were slipped inside hundreds of copies of The Brown and White student newspaper at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University last week, without editors’ knowledge or permission. The paper’s EIC noted: “Probably someone came around and stuffed them in into each copy. We’ve checked with our printer and with our distributors and there was nothing in it when they distributed it.”


Racist Leaflet


The leaflets’ message is vague, but its overtones have been taken as racially insulting. According to CBS News in Philadelphia, the culprits are still on the loose, but the inserts have been linked to other incidents of alleged racism on campus, including slurs directed at black students. A university forum was held Tuesday to address the controversy.


Beyond the leaflets’ possible racist slant, I was most interested in reading about the creators’ preferred means of delivery for their message: the student newspaper. In a backward way, the leaflets are simply one more symbol of the power of the college press. The individuals who concocted them considered the papers the most effective way of reaching the university audience (and stirring up a mini-media storm and campus furor to boot). A message to those responsible: Next time, stand behind your words. Look into buying ad space or, better yet, pen a guest column!

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