Daily Toreador Enjoys Front-Row Seat to Fight Club

“No referee.  No ring.  No crying. . . . Some fought.  But most were content to watch.” 


The Daily Toreador at Texas Tech University scored an interesting feature scoop recently with a piece on the formation of a student “Fight Club,” a  (mostly) anything-goes boxing-and-wrestling-type hand-to-hand combat popularized in the eponymous film with Brad Pitt.


The Daily Toreador


In the film, the first rule of Fight Club was “Do not talk about Fight Club,” making the Toreador‘s access (a basic write-up and B-roll video) all the more impressive.  Great journalism here!  My favorite snippet was a quote from the club’s co-founder:


I’ve always had a lot of anger.  I like to hit stuff and I just wanted to put it to something more proactive. It hurts getting hit sometimes, but it’s still fun. I just thought there’d be other people out there like that.

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