J-Student Helps Homeless With Workshops, Spare Change

As a blogger focused on Student Journalism 2.0 (or even 3.0!  Click here), the two most common words I type into posts: new media.  We’re all focused on the impact and uncertainty that the latest technology and tools hath wrought on the industry.   A bit of news brought to my attention by BU Today at Boston University allows me to write two other words that are personal favorites and not the focus of enough previous posts: social justice. 


Spare Change


BU j-student Brittaney Kiefer is the foremost journalist, student or professional, covering and helping the homeless in Boston.  She is writing about it on the street and statehouse levels, interning at the Spare Change newspaper (which is put together and sold by Boston’s homeless or nearly homeless citizenry), and organizing workshops for Spare Change writers.  A BU journalism professor says: “Social justice is a strong part of Brittaney’s makeup and one reason she wants to be a journalist.  Some kids might be interested in something, but she’s actually living it.”


In Kiefer’s words:

I love doing a story like reviewing a new store that’s opened. Those stories are fun, and there’s a place for them. We just need to keep in mind that if we’re going into journalism, or any kind of communication, we have a responsibility to pay attention to the people who don’t have a voice.

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