“A 24 Hour Website About the School . . . We Call Home”

I’m starting the latest post in purple, in honor of the newest entrant into NYU’s collegemediatopia: NYU Local, “a 24 hour website about the school and the city that we call home.”


NYU Local


According to a MediaShift post by the one and only Alana Taylor, it came into being two months ago, as an offshoot of a journalism class survey whose results set blogs afire. The student founders tell Taylor the site’s purpose is to report news quicker, bolder, more conversational, and more all-encompassing. In respect to the latter, she writes:


NYU Local hopes to let anyone and everyone contribute to the site and use it as a crowd-sourcing mechanism to allow naturally good and popular writers to rise to the top. The idea would be to remove the distinction of who is a professional and who is a citizen and let everyone contribute in the same way, using their real names and eventually building their own reputations.


Taylor links it to a larger analysis of the print-online divide, declaring in one sub-headline “College Newspapers Are Dying Too.” It’s the only statement in the post that made me cringe. NYU Local appears to be an excellent addition to collegemediatopia. Is it a signal of college newspapers’ demise? Absolutely not! Instead, it’s a great example of the power of the Internet in allowing students with a different perspective and journalistic ambitions to be heard. Pre-Internet, the alt media options for students were limited. During my time as an undergraduate, a student publishing an alternative paper on my school’s campus was forced to print, copy, and staple 8 x 11 sheets together to make a ‘newspaper’ that he secretly distributed. Those days are over. College newspapers, though, have many days ahead, online and in print. They are simply going to have to continue to reinvent to stay relevant and match the innovation of their competition.


About NYU Local, at first glance: A feel-good, inviting, slapdash-style. The posts boast personality and glints of new media attitude (seen most prominently in the headers). The content presentation appears initially scattered but slowly reveals a nice mix that is attempting to go beyond the standard vertical blog (including a content slider at the top, section links such as ‘City’, ‘Entertainment’ and ‘National’, and, most appealing to me, a “Photo of the Day” sider). The most recent featured photo is below:


NYU Local Photo of the Day

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