‘Jerk’ Just One of Many Student Mags at Syracuse

Jerk. Zipped. Schmooze. Verbal Seduction. Titles of just a few of the lucky 13 student magazines currently publishing online or in print at Syracuse University. 20 Watts is a quarterly music mag. What the Health, Healthy You, Black Voice, and The Out Crowd are somewhat self-explanatory.



My favorite on spec: Jerk, a “magazine with a bit of a ‘tude and a lot of quirk.” It features a funky set of sections, including Bitch (for opinions), Smut (feature pieces), and Noise (the arts). In the “About Us” portion of its site, editors note:


In our efforts to “jerk” people out of their apathy, we have created a distinctive voice that is passionate and uncompromising, coupled with the visually arresting work of student artists. In each issue, Jerk confronts controversial political and social issues that affect the student body and the community that they live and work in. . . . Jerk aims to increase student knowledge and activism, diversify campus dialogue, and encourage a relationship between SU students and the Syracuse community.

One Response to “‘Jerk’ Just One of Many Student Mags at Syracuse”
  1. Jerk says:

    Good looks man! Thanks for the kind words. Check out our blog jerkmag.wordpress.com for daily updates too.