New York Times to Quinnipiac: Stop Threatening J-Students

A new heavyweight has entered the ongoing free press fight at Quinnipiac University: The New York TimesIn an editorial published last week, the NYT editorial team took QU admins to task for their anti-journalistic actions against Quad News, an indy online news outlet started by QU j-students in response to the ridiculous levels of control admins were exerting over the student newspaper. 


The Times most prominently condemned the university’s imposing of a gag order prohibiting all staffers from speaking to Quad News and a written threat admins made against the school’s chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists: 


Such intimidation does not speak well of Quinnipiac’s commitment to freedom of speech, open-mindedness or academic inquiry. . . . Students say that the university lifted the gag order last week, making it easier for them to interview administrators and athletes. That’s a good start. But Quinnipiac should take the next necessary step and withdraw its threat against the school’s chapter of the professional journalists’ organization—and put it in writing.


The Sophian at Smith College also recently weighed in on the QU-Quad News showdown in a piece wonderfully headlined “Power to the Editorial.”  As it noted,


Since the arrival of the newspaper as a force for change in our society, journalists have adopted the goal of uncovering the truth, despite any obstacles. However, in order for this tradition to continue, freedom of the press needs to be defended, no matter what kind of publication, whether it be The New York Times or The Quinnipiac Chronicle.

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