Live from Hofstra’s NewsHub, it’s Election Day!

One college news media site I’ll be checking out on election day and I suggest you take a look at too: Nassau News.  It is run by Hofstra University j-students working within the School of Communication’s convergence-happy, new-media-tastic “NewsHub.”


As “NewsHub” team member and j-student extraordinaire Kelly Glista told CMM:


Having had the third presidential debate on our campus we were able to produce a live webcast using, as well as cover it live blogging throughout that evening. . . . [We] are planning similar coverage for Tuesday.


Glista will share a follow-up post later this week about the ins-outs-ups-and-downs of the group’s live online election coverage.  So stay tuned.  In the meantime, come Tuesday, vote early and then tune into “NewsHub.”

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