‘College Papers Back Obama, 63 to 1’

According to U-Wire’s Presidential Endorsement Scorecard, college newspapers’ pick for prez is nearly unanimous: Barack Obama.  Editor & Publisher lays out the list of papers’ presidential endorsements, which favors Obama 63 to 1.  The lone college rag in the McCain camp: The Daily Mississippian at the University of Mississippi.

The paper’s lone wolf status made me curious, so I tracked down the endorsement.  According to the Mississippian, in what editors noted was a split decision, McCain was chosen because it was felt his “lifetime of experience” makes him more qualified for the office.  Additionally, the endorsement stated:

We feel Sen. McCain’s experience in foreign affairs and his decision to not raise taxes on anyone of any class of society makes him the clear choice for president. Sen. McCain has a history of stepping across party lines; the same cannot be said of Sen. Obama.  Sen. McCain also has a record as an agent of change. He has promised to focus more on the issues of energy, climate change and excessive government spending, all of which need to be addressed in order for this country to effectively move forward.

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