Top Alligator Editor: “J-Students Are Jumping Ship”

Jessica DaSilva, the editor in chief of The Independent Florida Alligator and a fantastic j-student blogger, writes that recruiting staffers for the paper has suddenly become tough.


As she wrote in a blog post titled “How the State of the Industry is Affecting My College Newspaper“: 


My hypothesis is that journalism students are jumping ship. They see the numbers, and they’re scared. I think we can’t find student writers because students may be switching majors or using journalism to prepare for law school. . . . I understand the industry is in a bad state right now. Believe me, I’m scared about not having a job after graduation. However, this bad news is just a reminder that I have to try harder at what I’m doing now to prepare myself.  Not going into journalism isn’t an option for me. It’s my calling. Could a nice salary and designer shoes replace passion? I don’t think so.  I’m OK with shopping at Payless.

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