Sex and Obscenity at The Daily Kansan

It is public service journalism at its purest and most obscene.  The Daily Kansan recently partnered with Kansas University student leaders and athletic department staffers to offer alternative suggestions for the obscene chant still shouted by a minority of students at KU’s home football games.  Kudos to the Kansan for stepping up and using the power of the press for a positive, subjective good.


While the paper works to do away with the obscene, the university will possibly distance itself from the paper’s annual oozing of sexuality.  As CMM previously noted, last month the Kansan‘s once-a-year “Sex on the Hill” issue drew an especially vocal mix of questions and criticisms over whether it was “student pornography or just students pushing the envelope.” 



Complaints specifically focused on the issue’s sexually-suggestive cover shot, which featured students atop the Campanile, a memorial to individuals affiliated with KU who died during World War II.  In response, according to Lawrence Journal-World, while not looking to restrict content, the university is pondering possible restrictions for similarly racy photo shoots at or near certain spots on campus.

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