Football, an Arrest, and College Media Excellence

Wide receiver and return specialist Bryant Eteuati played in a game for Weber State University’s football team last Saturday.  His return to the field marked the end of a journalistic drama that started about a month before, immediately after his arrest on outstanding warrants for aggravated assault that he’d accrued for hitting people with his car.   […]

University of Scranton Student Paper Debuts New Site

Below is an editor’s video introduction to the new Web site for The Aquinas, the weekly student newspaper at the University of Scranton.  The site strikes a simple, easy-to-navigate chord on first scroll-through and it’s always nice to see a publication unafraid to break ranks with the student-Web-overlords College Publisher.    Also, be sure to click on […]

Obama Mania in College Media: A 2008 Election Recap

Since its launch, the most-viewed posts on this little blog of mine have been those with the words ‘sex’ or ‘Obama’ in the headline.  Am I attempting to exploit the blogosphere’s fascination with the latter here?  Absolutely.  (Happy Thanksgiving!)   A brief rundown of college media’s Obama-mania on and around Election Day 2008:   An Associated […]

Student Newspaper, School Administration Settle Lawsuit

The free press battle at The Inkwell appears to be over.  The Inkwell student newspaper has settled a lawsuit it brought against its administrative overseers at Georgia’s Armstrong Atlantic State University over what the paper contended was an unfair funding cut tied to its suddenly critical university coverage.       According to The Athens Banner-Herald, […]

A Headline About Media Scholar’s Death That Really Irks Me

Brent Hurd, an American documentary filmmaker and visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, died this past weekend after being hit by a bus while bicycling in Bangalore, India.  I am blogging about this to ensure some small measure of rememberance for a life cut short and also because the headline […]

College Papers Not Immune to Economic Doom and Gloom

As I wrote in early October, “The story of the student press so far this semester: The existence of the first sustained crack in college print papers’ seeming invincibility to the online takeover and economic downturn.”   Since then, the economy has continued to collapse faster than Amy Winehouse’s career, prompting an unprecedented ad-revenue slowdown and […]

76-Year-Old Nigerian Man Signs Up For Journalism Studies

We’re never too old to be students of journalism.  Case in point: Clement Alubiagba, a 76-year-old Nigerian grandfather with a lack of formal education but a love of reading, has joined the Times Journalism Institute in the city of Lagos to pursue his long-held dream of being a journalist.   According to the Nigerian newspaper The Vanguard: […]

Students’ Questions About the Future of Journalism

I recently asked my news editing students here in Singapore: What is one question we should all be asking much more often about the current state or future of journalism?  In the age of j-reinvention, coming up with the right questions to ask seems as important as finding the right answers.  What question would you like to […]

The Cracks in College Media 2.0

In a new MediaShift post, Center for Innovation in College Media Director Bryan Murley writes that student newspaper Web sites have made leaps and bounds from their “little more than shovelware” days that were even as recent as three years ago.    It’s a thoughtful piece, reflecting on the proactive journalistic push and general happenstances […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Nicole Alvarado, The Battalion

In the photo below, Nicole Alvarado appears to be holding a plastic Star Wars-inspired lightsaber.  The image is fitting given how little time The Battalion student newspaper editor in chief actually sees sunlight.       A journalism professor lightheartedly warned Alvarado two years ago about her work on The Battalion: “You will spend all […]

Obama endorsement stirs “mini-uproar” at Abilene Christian

A presidential endorsement of Barack Obama run in The Optimist student newspaper at Abilene Christian University has lit a California-sized wildfire among ACU alums and others connected with the school that continues to burn post-election.     Most are angry at the paper’s support for a candidate whose abortion and gay marriage stances are worrying to […]

College Photographer of the Year Awards Announced

The winning images have been selected for the 2008 College Photgrapher of the Year awards, a 63-year-old contest honoring the best student-snapped shots and photo arrangements in 16 categories.   Just for fun, I’ll let three of the wonderful images speak for themselves:      

Journerdism’s Sullivan to Students: ‘Your Generation, Its Ability to Innovate Will Save Craft’

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Interactive Director and Journerdism blogger extraordinaire Will Sullivan writes with impressed gusto about the recent slate of Associated Collegiate Press Online Pacemaker award-winners.

Quad News vs. Quinnipiac Prez: Is Free Press Fight Over?

The latest dispatch from the front lines of the Quinnipiac University free press fight, courtesy of The Hartford Courant: QU’s president is now allowing school staffers to speak with reporters from The Quad News, the indy online outlet started this fall by QU j-students after their campus newspaper was stifled by administrators.  Previously, all university employees were […]

Racist Obama Leaflets Slipped Into Lehigh’s Brown & White

“Your president is black. How does that make you feel?”   A leaflet with those words were slipped inside hundreds of copies of The Brown and White student newspaper at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University last week, without editors’ knowledge or permission. The paper’s EIC noted: “Probably someone came around and stuffed them in into each copy. […]