Is it time for Journalism 101 2.0?

The debate between the power of online and print in collegemediatopia continues.  (See previous post!)  Another back-and-forth made popular as of late: Should the inverted pyramid be rejected from a j-school near you?  Or more generally, is the old style of j-writing and reporting not worth the j-101 class in which it is being taught?


According to an editorial in The New Hampshire:


Some students [at the University of New Hampshire] claim they want more variety to their journalism education. They call for specialized training in magazine writing and sports writing, in features and in new media techniques. Meanwhile, they complain about the beginner journalism classes.  They claim, in the face of a struggling newspaper industry, that learning traditional techniques and styles of writing is passé and unnecessary.


The TNH response: “They are wrong and we think our classmates need to look at the reality of their situation, and understand what is valuable about the things they are learning. . . . What they [employers] are going to care about [prior to new media or feature-writing talent] is that you can identify news and report it, which is what you are learning at UNH.”


I personally agree.  Use new media.  Let alternative storytelling styles run wild.  But first, learn the basics.  What do you think?

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