Student vs. Student: To Be Settled at UND

There is now a second Student at the University of North Dakota.  The UND Student Senate passed a bill this past week allocating start-up funds for a new newspaper, The Student JournalIt debuted Thursday



The paper seeks to fill a niche perceived by its founders: An apparent lack of coverage in The Dakota Student, the official UND student newspaper, aimed at student organizations.  Interestingly, and possibly as a rebuttal to the founders’ charge, The Dakota Student covered the Senate session objectively.  I’m sure an editorial will soon follow.


A greater amount of voices in collegemediatopia is great, certainly.  This one smells like a bit of inside baseball to me though, with two student senators being so involved with the new pub’s creation.  I say an early story should be an investigation behind-the-scenes of the Student Senate.  Show your editorial independence!

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