“Vilest Rag You Can Imagine” Celebrates 90th Birthday

As The Globe and Mail reports, The Ubyssey student newspaper at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver turned 90 years old recently.  That makes it “old enough to be John McCain’s dad,” according to an editorial the paper ran to mark the occasion. 



The newspaper has distinguished itself as a crusader against racism, sexism, fraternity hazing, and parochialism.  Past critics declared it a “glorified gutter newspaper” and “the vilest rag you can imagine.”


But honestly, its current chief editor could care less: “The newspaper’s very ‘now.’  We’re doing this now.”  It’s a stance former staffers must admire.  As an old Ubyssey editorial noted: “[T]he main aim of the paper is to print the news while it is ‘hot.'”

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