National ‘Enquirer’ News

I swear I’m not playing hometown favorites!  Yes, I am currently in Singapore, and yes this is now my second post on The Enquirer, an independent online news outlet launched earlier this month by impassioned j-students at Nanyang Technological University.  But the paper has more than earned this follow-up post, in part by its appearance in more blogs and news articles over the past few weeks than almost any other college media outlet or issue that the RSS aggregator Gods have placed before me.  



The latest story comes from The Straits Times, the national newspaper of Singapore.  It connects the site’s start with students’ concerns about the administrative censorship of a recent article in the NTU campus newspaper, The Nanyang Chronicle.  Accrding to Enquirer co-founder Chong Zi Liang (affectionately known by some within the university as “Francis”):


As the Chronicle is funded by the university, the administration has the final say on whether some stories can or cannot be reported. I felt there was a need for an independent avenue to report these stories which can’t be covered in the Chronicle.

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