It’s the E-Content, Stupid

College news media 2.0 must always remain content-focused, according to the exec. ed. of The Detroit Free Press and a finalist for the directorship of the j-school at Texas Christian University.  


According to a Daily Skiff write-up on Caesar Andrew’s recent visit to TCU, the longtime journalist touted new media as the means to deliver the real goods: the content.  In Andrew’s words:


It’s not just an awareness of digital trends, and it’s not just the purchase of certain equipment.  It is really creating a fluency as it relates to the digital options for telling stories. . . . Ultimately, it’s not about the technology . . . that is just the means of getting someplace.  But the content, still, makes all the difference in the world.


It’s a nice sentiment certainly and one with which it is tough to argue.  It’s also the same thing I’ve been hearing now for years, even as the e-medium continues to be driving the messages created and debated in the college j-world.

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