“Has anyone heard of Twitter or Plurk or Pownce?”

A strategic communications guru enmeshed in the world of social media writes that he was shocked (shocked, I say!) at the lack of social media awareness held by comm. students at American University:


With the exception of an intimate knowledge of the features and functionality of Facebook, this group came up short on even the basic tools of social media.

-Who in the class writes a blog? No one raised their hand.
-Who in the group reads blogs on a regular basis? All quiet.
-OK…how about social networks other than Facebook? Does anyone in this group have a LinkedIn profile? Blank stares.
-Has anyone heard of Twitter or Plurk or Pownce? Those are Disney characters, right?


It raises an interesting question: Might j-profs assume too much in respect to students’ new media skills and know-how?

2 Responses to ““Has anyone heard of Twitter or Plurk or Pownce?””
  1. Dave Sennerud says:


    I have found this true in my Info Gathering classes, too. Although statistics show growth in these areas, when I ask students about it, few seem to blog or even Twitter. Since then I have given up the idea that the young whippersnappers know more about the technology that the former print dude trying to keep up with new media!

    BTW, nice site. Way to carve out a niche!


  2. If they’re on and engrossed in Facebook I’d pretty much say it’s only a small matter of time until a key influencer introduces them to social media..

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