“Has anyone heard of Twitter or Plurk or Pownce?”

A strategic communications guru enmeshed in the world of social media writes that he was shocked (shocked, I say!) at the lack of social media awareness held by comm. students at American University:


With the exception of an intimate knowledge of the features and functionality of Facebook, this group came up short on even the basic tools of social media.

-Who in the class writes a blog? No one raised their hand.
-Who in the group reads blogs on a regular basis? All quiet.
-OK…how about social networks other than Facebook? Does anyone in this group have a LinkedIn profile? Blank stares.
-Has anyone heard of Twitter or Plurk or Pownce? Those are Disney characters, right?


It raises an interesting question: Might j-profs assume too much in respect to students’ new media skills and know-how?

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