Geo-Tagging and Radio Blogging

In a recent MediaShift blog post, journalism scholar Alfred Hermida passes along a number of innovative new media methods of storytelling and story presentation in use by student journalists throughout the U.S. and Canada.


The two I found most interesting: geo-tagging and radio blogging.   The first is a novel way to organize content for consumption.  Instead of grouping stories, photos, audio or video by section (news, entertainment, etc.), they are placed together by location.  See an example: Emerson College students’ geo-tagged reporting from China related to the Beijing Olympics.



The second new media method to recently arrive on the scene: radio blogging.  Hermida describes one j-professor’s use of it in class:


BlogTalkRadio allows users to create free online radio stations just using a phone, rather than any expensive broadcasting equipment. [Jessica] McBride [at UW-Milwaukee] had her students host talk shows on the service, which can host up to five callers. One of her students even scooped local media by hosting the first debate between the two candidates for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

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