Con•ver•gence: Defining a (Not So) New (Media) Buzzword

It’s official: The Shield, The Edge, and Access USI are coming together.  All it took was a new media revolution.  The student newspaper (Shield), the student-run radio station (Edge), and the student TV station (Access) at the University of Southern Indiana are converging on-the-go this semester, presenting a pair of new multiplatform projects while figuring out what works best and what convergence actually means.


According to David Black, a USI broadcast professor and Access adviser:


The whole idea of convergence is a very sort of nebulous, difficult concept.  We are still trying to get our hands around it, and it will take a few more years to figure out what to do with it.


An example of what they’re doing with it at USI: A recent combined interview with the university president appeared as a front-page piece in the paper, a TV news clip, and a half-hour radio broadcast.


Con•ver•gence (n.): student media, coming together.  See also quality journalism.

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