Student Media Censorship Disguised as Policy and Smart PR

The Advocate student newspaper at Mount Hood Community College is questioning the school’s new “all-college media policy.”


The basics of the policy, which boasts strong similarities to those in place (formally and informally) at schools worldwide: Student media must contact a single gateway college office or official (normally in PR or media relations) to set-up interviews with admins. and others associated with the school.


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As a recent Advocate editorial stated:


It seems as though the unified voice of the college believes this policy is a good idea. It’s a good way to speak with one voice and make sure everyone is on the same page; however it is also a way to take away individual voices from the mix.  If someone has to “ask permission” from the Office of College Advancement, or even just notify them that a story is being written and they have been asked to do an interview with a reporter, that, in a sense, takes away a bit of their individuality. It gives the Office of College Advancement a chance to tell the person what to say and how to say it.


Let’s be honest: This is just another form of administrative censorship, disguised as policy and smart PR.  Kudos to The Advocate for editorializing against it and good luck in the fight to have it altered or erased.

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