Back-Up Quarterback and Blogger Extraordinaire

Brian Brunner is a back-up quarterback for the Chippewas football squad at Central Michigan University.  The CMU senior is also a new media star.  He writes regular posts about his life as a student-athlete for’s “Blog Central.”  He is one of only five Division I-A football player-bloggers.



In a recent interview with, Brunner said:


It’s taking off.  It’s a lot of fun. I’m a journalism major, so I was happy to do it. The NCAA was looking for athletes to lend a different perspective to the game.  It’s gotten a lot of feedback.  Some of the other blogs are written by athletes who aren’t journalism majors. In my objective opinion, mine’s the best, no question about it.

One Response to “Back-Up Quarterback and Blogger Extraordinaire”
  1. Alex Harrell says:

    Brian, I attended the Jeff Trickey camp in KC. I just wanted to thank you again for the great coaching. If you have time this summer , shoot me a e-mail.

    PS: I’ve seen some highlights from the CMU/Indiana game. Nice game