“Kicking ass and misspelling names for 110 years”

Staffers and supporters of The Argonaut are currently celebrating more than a century’s worth of headlines, bylines, sources, and scoops.  The always-independent student newspaper at the University of Idaho is turning 110 years old.


As an article appearing in the paper to mark the occasion noted, “When men landed on the moon, endured two World Wars and struggled through the Great Depression, The Argonaut was in print, reflecting the voice of each new generation.”  A saying on shirts being worn by past and present staffers during the birthday festivities explains the paper’s legacy even more succinctly: “Kicking ass and misspelling names for 110 years.”



A piece of the paper’s history I found most interesting: Student editors used to be called “Jasons,” a reference to the Greek myth partially sharing the paper’s name, “Jason and the Argonauts.”

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