CU J-School to Help Keep Steve Jobs Alive

Steve Jobs is alive, a revelation that has placed citizen journalism under the microscope in the lands of mediahysteria and nearby blogosphere. 


A phony “news” brief by a CNN “ireporter” (citizen journalist) stating that the Apple CEO had suffered a massive heart attack caused the company losses of more than $14 billion on Wall Street in a matter of minutes.  It also has prompted j-scholars, journos, and wanna-be-journos to bash and more closely examine an undertaking that has far too long hovered under journalism’s radar.  As the headlines of related blog posts and stories explained: “Steve Jobs Is Not Dying: Why Citizen Journalism  Doesn’t Work”; “New Media Feels Heat After Apple Misstep“; and “Jobs Rumor Debacle Besmirches Citizen Journalism.”



Besmirched, I say!  Enter CU-Boulder’s J-School.  Through a McCormick Grant, faculty and students will work to help right the wrongs and shortcomings of citizen journalism, the field’s suddenly shameful stepcousin.  According to a basic press release:


The Web-based “Resolving Door” project will invite reader-participants to describe local problems, which other reader-participants will be encouraged to research and help solve. . . . Student journalists working on the project will create a series of online tutorials by which novice citizen-journalists can learn how to upload information using a number of different media.

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