ROAR’s “Ridiculously Good,” Must-Watch Show

“Do you wanna be on top?” 


It is the tagline of what has to be the funniest Web series in collegemediatopia: “LMU’s Next Top Ridiculously Good-Looking Person.”  NTRGLP intermeshes elements of “Project Runway,” “America’s Next Top Model,” and “The Real World,” all with a huge wink to the camera. 


 LMU's Next Top Ridiculously Good-Looking Person Nicole Exposito


The first season of the five-episode series is available for viewing or download on the main site of the ROAR Network, the only student-run TV station at Loyola Marymount University.  In an e-mail to CMM, executive producer Nicole Expposito (a sociology and screenwriting major at LMU, pictured above) explained the premise for the show, which you have to watch immediately in a setting in which you won’t get in trouble for laughing out loud:


The premise is a drama about a crappy reality show shot on the LMU campus.  The show is being funded by Cole Scott, a magazine publisher whose business isn’t what it used to be, and the inept producer and crew have just enough money to hire a bitchy ex-top model, Filisha Gale, to act as the host.  Ten college students who want to be models for various reasons are the contestants, and some of them play dirtier than others. 


Expposito said the 21-day shoot for the series took place late last year, combining scripted portions and improvisations by the “top top model” host and the “ridiculously good-looking” student contestants:


A lot of the time we’d add and cut lines as we were shooting.  We’d think of something that would be funny to do, and add that in.  As the show went on and the cast and crew started to get to know each other better, the actors in real life and the characters they played started to converge.  Like, one of the girls, Elisabeth, wanted to play Cinderella at Disneyland, so we worked that into the show.  And Brady and Amanda, who played a romantic couple in the show, actually developed a flirtatious relationship in real life.


The second season of the series is set to debut in January.

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