J-Student Interns Tiptoe Around “Emotional Minefields”

A fascinating new feature in American Journalism Review describes the climate of fear, the “emotional minefields”, and the ever-present fights for change that the most recent batch of j-student summer interns faced in newsrooms nationwide.


Ironically, AJR writer Tim Collie describes an intern crop still aspiring to work in newspapers, even as the older faces around them frown or disappear.  As the piece begins:


They watched mentors lose their jobs.  They saw the desks around them empty.  They saw passions flare, tears flow and the newspapers they’d staked their futures on shrink in size.  And their careers are only just beginning. The real-world experience that newspaper interns gained this summer wasn’t exactly what many expected, but it apparently hasn’t crippled their enthusiasm for news.


Please check out the rest of the story.  It’s a great quick read.

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