Enquirer.Sg Debuts

The Enquirer, an ambitious, issues-based online news outlet begun by j-students at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU), recently debuted online. 




The site’s founders hope to provide a more realistic window into NTU students’ world, using the World Wide Web as a platform for truly free expression that is not possible within school-sanctioned publications.  In an introductory editorial headlined, “Reason for Being,” the chief editor writes:


In setting up the Enquirer, we hope to restore the imbalance where readers have become almost an afterthought in this equation by answering only to our readers—the most important stakeholders in journalism. . . . There is currently a void in the discussion of issues. . . . We will fill that void with in-depth reporting on matters that impact the lives of NTU students.  True to our mission, we believe the student body of the university will be better off with one more outlet of news, and that is our reason of being.

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