Better RED Than Dead?

It will focus on “everything college life.”  RED, a new, ambitious general-interest student magazine has launched at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with the promise, “You haven’t read a magazine until you’ve read RED.”



The founders pitch RED as a “central publication to the university.”  They aim to fill a niche, ironically, by focusing bigger picture, attempting to present a must-read for all students beyond the many student mags more narrowly tailored to those of specific backgrounds or interests. 


According to co-founder Sydney Burdick, a UW-Madison junior: “Although there’s a diversity of students on campus and we all have our own things going on, we all have our own interests, we’re all Badgers.  We can all be our individual personalities, but on game day, we’re all red and we’re all Badgers.”


The Badger Herald, the student newspaper at UW-Madison, isn’t buying.  In an editorial headlined “Better dead than RED,” the sarcasm leapt off the page:    


The University of Wisconsin-Madison could use a little help in a few key areas. . . . However, one could hardly argue we suffer from a dearth of student publications on campus. In addition to the two student newspapers, there is a music-oriented quarterly, a humanities-oriented quarterly, the occasional rogue satire newspaper and a per-semester cultural arts magazine published in conjunction with the journalism school. Add in the Wisconsin State Journal, Isthmus, Onion and Capital Times, and it’s obvious there is no lack of reading material on this campus.  But, apparently, you haven’t read anything “until you’ve read RED.”  Yeah, we thought it was a typo too.


Wow.  In newspeak, those are fighting words!  Any thoughts?

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