A Counter to College Papers’ Printeriffic Optimism

The debate over the future of print student newspapers continues. The Brown Daily Herald currently features a piece countering the printeriffic optimism of a recent Chronicle of Higher Ed report.


In the article, the executive director of the National Scholastic Press Association said the flailing economy and online advertising alternatives are now hitting the student press:


College papers are only now starting to see ad revenue dwindle. But they are suffering from a shortfall in advertising revenue. If people aren’t advertising in local papers, they’re not advertising in college papers either. . . . I think if I had to bet, I’d say college publications will stay around in print longer than commercial newspapers.  But they’re ultimately going to have to find a way to make it work financially, just like commercial papers.

The general sentiment of the NSPA exec. director and the student editors quoted seems to be: Print newspapers will die, sooner or later. College print papers will outlast commercial papers, but they too must be ready to present news in a Web-only media universe.


What do you think?

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