Online No Longer an “Ugly Stepsister” at Miscellany News

The Miscellany News has “entered into the next generation of online journalism,” according to its editor in chief in a recent piece for Inside Higher Ed.   The goal of the online transformation, the EIC wrote, was to shed the stigma of the paper’s online version as an “ugly stepsister” to the print edition:   On […]

Should Attempted Suicide Story Have Been Run?

A short article run in The Chronicle at Duke University earlier this month about a student’s attempted suicide has spurred vicious criticism on campus and even a poster campaign calling for the editor in chief’s resignation.   Via College Rag, critics’ two main points of contention: The article effectively identifies the student involved (by naming his dorm and gender, […]

Nebraska J-Students Rock Out Election Coverage

University of Nebraska journalism students will be alllllll over Election 2008.  On Election Day, they will carry out live reports via the student multimedia news service NewsNet Nebraska and provide real-time updates on a special section of NewsNet’s Web site. — — According to a Nebraska j-prof coordinating the coverage: In preparation for Election Day […]

Breaking News(y): Two Cool New Media Classes at Missouri

Students at Missouri University’s School of Journalism are currently enrolled in a pair of cool new media courses, courtesy of new MU J-School partner  The yet-to-be-launched site, founded by an MU alum, “offers an unprecedented global and macro point of view,” according to The Maneater student newspaper.  “The site collects video news from various […]

Student Journalists’ “Campaign Coverage ’08”

As election day nears, a college journalism initiative worth knowing: A team of students from the University of Utah and China’s Cheung Kong School of Journalism at Shantou University have been covering all-things presidential and political during the U.S. election season for an online endeavor they have dubbed Campaign Coverage ’08.     As the […]

Afghan J-Student Sentenced for Blasphemy

A journalism student in Afghanistan has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for blasphemy, ironic because it is actually being hailed as a small victory by human rights advocates who were worried the sentence would be death.   According to The Associated Press:   Prosecutors alleged that [24-year old Parwez] Kambakhsh disrupted classes by asking […]

Is it time for Journalism 101 2.0?

The debate between the power of online and print in collegemediatopia continues.  (See previous post!)  Another back-and-forth made popular as of late: Should the inverted pyramid be rejected from a j-school near you?  Or more generally, is the old style of j-writing and reporting not worth the j-101 class in which it is being taught?   […]

Take That Newspaper Death Watch: Part II

Interest in student newspapers at Vermont colleges and universities is up, and not just the Web versions!  As The Burlington Free Press reports, “Never mind online editions, which are popular among parents and alumni.  The students themselves are still reading the good old hard copies.”     Even The Cynic at the University of Vermont is […]

Student vs. Student: To Be Settled at UND

There is now a second Student at the University of North Dakota.  The UND Student Senate passed a bill this past week allocating start-up funds for a new newspaper, The Student Journal.  It debuted Thursday.      The paper seeks to fill a niche perceived by its founders: An apparent lack of coverage in The Dakota Student, […]

“Vilest Rag You Can Imagine” Celebrates 90th Birthday

As The Globe and Mail reports, The Ubyssey student newspaper at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver turned 90 years old recently.  That makes it “old enough to be John McCain’s dad,” according to an editorial the paper ran to mark the occasion.      The newspaper has distinguished itself as a crusader against racism, sexism, fraternity […]

So Where’s the Beef with J-School Enrollment?

The latest Journalism Industry Scaring Students story appeared yesterday in The Arkansas Traveler at the University of Arkansas.  As the nut graf mentioned, “They [j-students] hear about the decline of newspapers, the layoffs, the buyouts.  They hear about the drop in advertising revenue, the hiring freezes . . . [a]nd they’re worried.”    Butttt, as this piece […]

National ‘Enquirer’ News

I swear I’m not playing hometown favorites!  Yes, I am currently in Singapore, and yes this is now my second post on The Enquirer, an independent online news outlet launched earlier this month by impassioned j-students at Nanyang Technological University.  But the paper has more than earned this follow-up post, in part by its appearance in […]

It’s the E-Content, Stupid

College news media 2.0 must always remain content-focused, according to the exec. ed. of The Detroit Free Press and a finalist for the directorship of the j-school at Texas Christian University.     According to a Daily Skiff write-up on Caesar Andrew’s recent visit to TCU, the longtime journalist touted new media as the means to deliver the […]

Student Journalists’ Futures To Be Outsourced?

As a colleague who passed along this USA Today story noted in an e-mail, “It’s not college journalism, but still, wow.”  The basics: MediaNews Group CEO Dean Singleton speechified on Monday at the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association that outsourcing might be in journalism’s next wave.   According to Singleton:   One thing we’re exploring is having […]

Rebel Yell Copies Stolen for Homecoming Float Construction

Editors at The Rebel Yell report that members of UNLV’s Greek commuity stole hundreds (possibly thousands) of copies of the student newspaper recently to help construct a float used in a homecoming event this past weekend.     Is float construction merely a cover, however, for a larger Greek grudge?  As the editorial shared:   For the last […]