“You Will Forget What Sunlight Looks Like”

A journalism professor lightheartedly warned Texas A&M j-student Nicole Alvarado two years ago about her work on The Battalion student newspaper: “You will spend all your time in the newsroom. I don’t care what you say now-if you keep a job there, you will forget what sunlight looks like.”



In a recent state-of-the-newspaper address to readers, Alvarado, now Battalion editor in chief, happily admits the prof’s words had proven prescient. Her description of her current EIC duties provides a nice (timeless) glimpse into the work of a student journalist:


I find myself locked away in the basement of the Memorial Student Center five nights a week, eyes glued to a computer screen, watching the time with bated breath. Deadlines, stories, copy editing, AP Style…industry terms rush through my head as quickly as the second hand on the clock. The adrenaline rush and positive stress of working for the paper is what really gets my blood pumping. I can’t imagine myself being this happy with any other job.

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